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    The proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other.

    My aim through all of my offerings is to help people create an alignment in mind, body and soul. This powerful connection creates balance and harmony allowing us to exist as our truest selves and lead our best, happiest lives which in turn serves the greater good. 

    Each session is unique to the client in both the sessions themselves and the overall experiences and outcomes. 

    We are all playing a role in this world. The better we are internally, the stronger and more powerful we can be externally, and there is no denying the power of connecting the mind, body and soul and the wonders that creates for each individual. 



      Reiki is a subtle healing practice that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. Light, still touch in a sequence of hand placements invites a meditative state that is calming and balancing. A quiet, relaxed body and mind gives a foundation for healing and as a result, Reiki treatment elicits a self healing response.

      On the surface, Reiki treatment promotes release of tension and stress, relief of pain, lessening of anxiety and greater clarity.  At a deeper level, Reiki treatment gently and subtly connects us to a place of inner spaciousness and peace clearing the mind, restoring the body and refreshing the spirit.