Growing up with a therapist father and a Reiki Master mother, helping people is something that has been ingrained in me from the beginning. It is my own personal journey of alignment that has allowed me to understand my passion and purpose: to help others find their version of balance and harmony no matter where they are on their personal journeys. 

My transformation started in August 2015, eight years into living and working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. I found myself at a crossroads: Am I on the path I should be on or the path I want for myself? Do I even know what makes me feel fulfilled and happy? Unable to fully distinguish or understand where the disconnect was, I knew one thing: I could not continue down a path feeling as physically and mentally imbalanced as I was feeling. Not knowing exactly what was next, I left my job to take time off and focus primarily on restoring an overall balance in my life.

 In January, 2016 I began working with my mentor Ambi Sitham ( Through her unique system of Reiki, Life Coaching/Mentoring and Astrology (also known as Soulstrology), I was able to gain clarity and work through my discomfort surrounding my life purpose and path. As a result of my training, I was able to align my mind, body and soul and regain an ability to be present, aware and non-judgmental of what I was going through.

My Reiki certification started as something I needed to do for myself, but manifested into something I am passionate about using as a means to help others. We all experience imbalances and challenges reveal themselves in different ways, but the more connected we are in mind, body and soul, the more powerful we can be which leads to us all living each day as our best selves.