Employee culture and well being is a personal passion of mine given my own challenges with finding balance during my career in Entertainment. The research on the tangible benefits of 'recharging in real-time' speaks for itself, addressing how the brain performs during stressful/intense situations and that with any type of reset in the moment, such as deep breathing, meditation, taking a walk, etc. we give our brain the tools to better handle challenges mentally and physically. Thus, our overall performance output, productivity (and attitude) improves as well. If each employee functions at a higher level, everyone wins! 

My goal with this program is to help incorporate these tools into daily workflow rather than interrupt, by implementing 15-20 min Reiki sessions for employees during the workday. 

I know firsthand how much there is to do in a given day, but if we spend a few minutes, a little at a time, taking care of ourselves we have the power to be our best personally and professionally each day.