My first experience with reiki was with Alison after not knowing very much about the technique. Throughout the 45 minute treatment, I felt a sense of calming and relaxation – almost like a meditative state. Your eyes are closed but you can feel the energy transferring along your body. When the treatment was finished, that energy stayed with me and helped me to maintain a soothing sense of tranquility. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who needs to re-center and refocus.   - Shawna W.                               

At first, I was reluctant to try Reiki as I couldn’t fully understand the benefits and healing power that I now cannot live without. My session with Ali completely changed the energy in my body, shifting it from extremely tense to completely relaxed, healing what I tried to fix with massages, acupuncture, therapy, etc. Without words and without touch, my body stabilized and I really do owe it all to Ali and her practice. Reiki is now one of the most important parts of my weekly routine.    - Hilary D.

Ali Werner is a gifted and talented Reiki therapist. Her intuition serves her well in listening to and adjusting her practice to your unique physical and psychic needs. I've been to a few outstanding and effective body workers before so I quickly recognized from the beginning that Ali applies the same special, clarity-inducing tools to impart a sense of calm and peace. She is a true natural at opening the natural healing process and restoring emotional and physical well-being.  I felt that Ali could sense energy constriction as she would focus her time and energy on certain channels and openings/closures in my system. I immediately felt awareness and subtle changes in these areas of my body and took away “assignments” to learn more and grow from this treatment. I highly recommend Ali for Reiki therapy, as she has a profound gift and understanding of this powerful technique to create balance and a renewed spirit.    - Sunny P.

Ali is terrific to work with. I had never had a reiki session before Ali and did not quite know what to expect, but she was so kind, attentive, and down to earth that she immediately made me feel comfortable before our session even began. Once she placed her hands on me, I immediately felt calmer and could gradually feel my energetic self becoming more aligned. At one point during our session I felt/saw the color yellow has she was guiding energy through my stomach (though she told me that's not common for someone in their first session). She even went the extra mile to follow up with me to see how I had been feeling and to discuss my experience further. Ali is gentle, thoughtful, and gifted; all the things you would want your reiki healer to be. I highly recommend her services if you are even the least bit curious.   Josh M.                                          

I could have never imagined how helpful and transformative Reiki could be. It was my first time and Ali walked me through the process of it and reassured any doubts I had. My session was incredible – I instantly felt lighter and more at peace. She has a true gift for calming and healing.   - Natalie T.     

Ali is incredibly intuitive and thoughtful. She has helped me create balance in my life, making me happier and healthier. After my treatments with her I feel relaxed, refreshed, and restored. Her reiki treatments are a wonderful way to reduce stress and refocus. I highly recommend you treat yourself (or a loved one) to a session with Ali.  - Hannah S.

I received my first session with Reiki by Alison earlier this year. It was incredible! I'm a huge fan of massage and Accupuncture, and after having had a reiki session I was also hooked. She made the entire experience very comfortable for a first timer and I felt the effects immediately and slept like a baby that night. Can't say enough good things about it or Alison!  Samantha C.

My reiki session with Ali was such a wonderful experience.  I felt very open and completely comfortable in her presence, it being my first time having Reiki done. Body work can be extremely powerful and I feel Ali has that special touch for it. Her healing hands allowed me to feel calm, relaxed, and present.    Tanya G.

This woman is a goddess! Ali is such a beam of light, and I'm so grateful to have worked with her. I came to the practice with chronic back pain, and my treatments have allowed me to relax and work with the energy flow within my body- something I have struggled with for years. For 45 minutes, I am able to restore my sense of ease and learn about my body and spirit. I feel simultaneously lifted out of my pain, and more grounded in my body after a session. Do not miss an opportunity to work with her!  - Claire C.

After a several months of being on an emotional rollercoaster, a friend suggested that I try Reiki to help release some of the stress and tension that my body was holding on to. Ali was my first phone call. Within minutes of our first session, I felt calm and centered. By the end of our time together, I felt more aware of my body and was in awe of the wave length type of sensation that washed over me. The days that followedour session, incurred a deep sensation of overall energetic change. Many thanks to Ali and her continued Reiki practice and complimentary counsel.  - Amanda J.